Who is French Beans?

Passionate about food


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Hi, I am Eveline. I have always wanted to make things look good. Whether it was by drawing, designing or photographing them. Food is one of those things, especially real tasty food. Some foods are a work of art on their own, others need a little (or a lot of) help to show their tastefulness to the world.
By styling and photographing them, I help food show its beauty.

So what can I do for you?

I photograph your products, dishes, recipes, … in the studio or on location. Book a lifestyle shoot for your newly developed recipes or a product shoot for that line of dried fruits. I work with daylight as well as professional studio lighting.

Need a food stylist? I am available for lifestyle, advertising and TV shoots. Cooking, adjusting the food and finding the right props for the shoot are essential to a good styling.

I can do a lot. But with a team of talented professionals we can do more! Like design your branding or packaging, or help with your digital marketing strategy. If you have a project, tell me about it. Together we make food look good!


  • Bachelors in Photography at KdG
  • Bachelors in Graphic Design at ArteveldeHS
  • Postgraduate Digital Marketing at HoGent
  • Sous-chef trainee at Spermalie

+32 (0)479 29 97 56

 Instagram @frenchbeans.be Facebook @frenchbeans.be Pinterest @frenchbeans.be Flickr: Eveline Boone