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Restaurant review and photo

I wrote a short restaurant review and photo shoot for EVA Magazine.

If you’re a vegetarian visiting or living in Ghent, you should experience no trouble at all to find a wide variety of places to lunch or have dinner. Bruges however is known for its picturesque little houses, cultural and architectural heritage. You’ll have to know where to look if you suddenly find yourself with a ‘petit-creux’, as the french would say. EVA vzw tries to close the gap between asking and offerings. For their magazine, a crew of volunteers writes restaurant reviews in and outside of Ghent.

I wrote a review about Hashtag Food in the heart of Bruges. A cosy place where everything on the menu is named after a song. They serve vegan, vegetarian but also fish and meat. All of the dishes are prepared with a lot of love for the ingredients. They are each carefully sought out to ensure the best quality.

Make sure to stop by on your next visit to Bruges!

Oude Burg 30, 8000 Brugge
Pricerange: €€

restaurant review photo

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