The Pangasius debacle

Over three years ago I wrote this blogpost about this article about top chefs, refusing to cook with Pangasius fish because it was full of toxins. Only now, fishmarkets stop selling the fish because of that reason. About time, I would say. There are so many great fish alternatives that taste great, are not expensive and are not as harmful for the environment. Those chefs set up the collective North Sea Chefs to promote local fishing.

The Trisopterus Luscus, Bib or ‘Steenbolk’, is a lot like codfish but smaller, surprisingly cheap and very tasty. I discovered it recently when I stepped into a fishmarket 5 minutes before closing time and it was the only thing left. Feeling sorry for the little guy (and also because I wouldn’t have any food that night if I left emptyhanded) I took him home with me and baked it on the skin. Seriously tasty!

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