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Workshop Food Photography & Styling

[EDIT] Our latest Workshop Food Photography & Styling is May 27th 2018. You can registerer here.

Food photography these days is everywhere. Whether you are a home cooking chef, a restaurant owner, digital marketeer, blogger or small food business owner. Making photos of your dishes and products is inevitable.

So your food looks great, right? But those pictures just don’t look as appealing as you want them to? When you keep in mind a few tips and tricks, a whole lot can be accomplished. For instance, light is key. Make sure you put your plate close to a daylight window. Food looks more fresh and natural with daylight than with artificial light.

Monday March 6th 2017, from 10AM to 16PM at De Zuidkant in Gentbrugge.

I figured it was time to share my knowledge about food photography with you. You can find out more and subscribe here:

I am joining the workshop!

What will it teach me?

  • Make better photos of your products and dishes
  • How to post a popular photo to social media
  • How to create moodboards and why
  • Basic photography, lighting, photography-cooking, props
  • Styling and photographing delicious dishes

What should be my skill level?

  • No prior photography knowledge is required
  • If you know photography basics or you are a photographer, we go into more details about styling and props

What should I bring?

  • A camera or smartphone
  • Your products if applicable e.g. granola bags if you own or work for a granola company
  • Some props if you have any favorites of your own

What’s included?

  • A cosy and delicious lunch
  • Food for styling and photographing
  • A printed guidebook
  • Stuff to make moodboards
  • A whole lot of fun!

You can’t wait right? OK so this link below will take you directly to the subscription form. Looking forward to it!

Yaay I’m subscribing!


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