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Eveline Boone: food photographer and food stylist

Hi, I am Eveline Boone. I have always wanted to make things look good. Whether it was by drawing, designing or photographing them. Food is one of those things, especially real tasty food. Some foods are a work of art on their own, others need a little (or a lot of) help to show their tastefulness to the world.
By styling and photographing them, I help food show its beauty.

So what can I do for you?

I photograph your products, dishes, recipes, … in the studio or on location. Book a lifestyle shoot for your newly developed recipes or a product shoot for that line of dried fruits. I work with daylight as well as professional studio lighting.

Need a food stylist? I am available for lifestyle, advertising and TV shoots. Cooking, adjusting the food and finding the right props for the shoot are essential to a good styling.

I can do a lot. But with a team of talented professionals we can do more! Like design your branding or packaging, or help with your digital marketing strategy. If you have a project, tell me about it. Together we make food look good!


  • Bachelors in Photography at KdG
  • Bachelors in Graphic Design at ArteveldeHS
  • Postgraduate Digital Marketing at HoGent
  • Sous-chef trainee at Spermalie


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We are renovating an old barn full of character into an awesome food studio in the Vlaamse Ardennen. This space will have a lot of its original elements like the wood structure, brick walls, high ceiling and lots of open room.

The 100m² studio will be a considered space where creative image formation is key. By being open for bookings of photoshoots with French Beans. Working together with a team of highly skilled stylists, directors, marketeers and other creatives.

Also, we will be offering possibilities as well, for food businesses to grow their audience and develop new concepts. The studio will be open for courses, workshops, demos and other B2B events in foodservice.

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