brunch in Australië

Avocado toast en blood guacamole

Mijn eerste avocado ooit at ik in Maleny, ergens tussen Brisbane en de Sunshine Coast. Dat was 9 jaar geleden. Terug thuis kocht ik groene avocado’s aan de lopende band. Groene, want de bruine ‘ready-to-eat’ soort haalde het toen nog niet tot hier. Goede timing om niet zonder te vallen was alles. Ze moesten net […]

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editorial photography

5 tips voor DIY food fotografie

Maandelijks geef ik een workshop Food Fotografie & Styling. Daarin leer je in één dag tijd hoe je zelf aan de slag kan met food fotografie. Hier lees je alvast 5 basisprincipes om betere food foto’s te maken.   Tip 1: Let the light in Na ettelijke uren zwoegen in de keuken is het avondeten […]

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Edward Weston

Food Photo Festival learnings

The Vejle Food Photo Festival this year was amazing. Every other year this small city in Denmark hosts the worlds biggest food photography event. Sounds like an odd combination but it is in fact a really good one. Some rainy and cold day it must have been, I was surfing the interwebz looking for a food photography […]

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Double Zero New York

Vegan in New York

New Yorkers krijgen altijd hun zin. Italiaans vanavond? Neem de metro naar Little Italy. Gastronomisch dineren? Je staat zo in Soho. In deze stad vind je het echt allemaal. Hier is het aanbod gebaseerd op de vraag. Alles is gepersonaliseerd, de klant is hier meer dan waar ook ter wereld koning. Een koffiebar vind je […]

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healthy food photo

Workshop Food Photography & Styling

[EDIT] Our latest Workshop Food Photography & Styling is May 27th 2018. You can registerer here. Food photography these days is everywhere. Whether you are a home cooking chef, a restaurant owner, digital marketeer, blogger or small food business owner. Making photos of your dishes and products is inevitable. So your food looks great, right? But those […]

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The Pangasius debacle

Over three years ago I wrote this blogpost about this article about top chefs, refusing to cook with Pangasius fish because it was full of toxins. Only now, fishmarkets stop selling the fish because of that reason. About time, I would say. There are so many great fish alternatives that taste great, are not expensive and are not […]

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restaurant review photo

Restaurant review and photo

I wrote a short restaurant review and photo shoot for EVA Magazine. If you’re a vegetarian visiting or living in Ghent, you should experience no trouble at all to find a wide variety of places to lunch or have dinner. Bruges however is known for its picturesque little houses, cultural and architectural heritage. You’ll have […]

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