What is food styling?

Food styling can mean many different things. For editorial projects, the emphasis may lay on developing a recipe to be published in a magazine or on a food production company’s website. With commercial projects it is essential to be able to style the product and make it look its best for either a TV-commercial or a product shot.

A food stylist knows how food behaves in front of a camera. Building a balanced composition with the food as well as with props is a skill every good food stylist needs.

Like a magician

As a photographer I have an eye for composition. My graphic design experience also helps me to get a clear understanding of the styling a client wants. Clients tell me it is like watching a magician when I am doing my thing on set. Why? I have tricks up my sleeve, I am prepared for everything, I am highly focused, I am patient and I love a challenge. Oh and I bring a magic suitcase ofcourse.

As a food stylist I am on a quest for perfection. Whether you want me to make ten cheesecakes, find the perfect ice cube, cook a Christmas dinner, mix cocktails, fake ice cream of even chocolate… I’m on it!