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Personal work

My personal work, uncommissioned work or food art photos if you will, is a journey in search of my own voice. As a photographer, I work for clients who each have their own branding. I find it important to create images that fit this branding, that tell the clients story and that are theirs and theirs alone.

My work evolved through time and so did my style. When I started out, I looked up to editorial photographers. They created daylight images with studio flashes. Something I had not mastered at the time so I photographed with daylight. As I got to know flash a lot better I took a keen interest in sunny looking images. Their high contrast and sharp shadows really appeal to me.

I challenge myself to create photographs with studio lighting that look like they were taken with natural light. Including a certain je-m’en-foutisme mixed with some dry wits, I hope you will recognise me in my work.

RoleFood photographer
Food stylistEveline Boone

Assestraat 14 9550 Herzele

+32 479 29 97 56

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