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Zeker Gezond

Eating healthy, everyone can do it, right? But do you truly know what healthy food is? Many chefs, TV-personalities, bloggers claim to know the truth on the matter so in the end, nobody knows what is what anymore.

Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven has launched a website Zeker Gezond where you can find hundreds of scientifically proven healthy food. An initiative in collaboration with the Flemish Government to raise awareness about eating healthy.

French Beans did food styling of the classic vol-au-vent with croquettes, shrimp diabolique according to Piet Huysentruyt and and no-carbs avocado salad by Pascale Naessens.

RoleFood stylist
ClientVlaams Instituut Gezond Leven
ProductionDe Kwekerij


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