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Grab attention with food video. We create a lasting impression with mouthwatering videography. Let’s get creative and take high speed action shots, artistic stop motions or infinite cinemagraphs.

  • Social media content
  • Recipe video
  • Product video
  • Corporate
  • Lifestyle
  • High speed food
  • Stop-motion
  • Cinemagraph

How we work

We take on many different kinds of projects. We make a wide variety of images. We can handle a lot of styles. But there is a process we go through for every type of shooting, no matter how big or small the project.

1 Briefing

We gather as much information as we can. The better we know what story to tell and how you want the video to look, the better we can translate it.

3 team

We provide a videographer and a food stylist. We are used to working as a team. For some larger projects we might need an assistant, a stylist, a director, … We take your budget into account to provide a solution that works best.

2 concept

Based on your needs, we think of a creative concept that makes your product stand out. Did you think of a concept yourself? Great! Let’s figure out how to do this!

4 preparation

A good storyboard and an intention from the director makes sure everyone knows what and how to do it. Our food stylist will shop for ingredients. The studio has a large stock of props and backgrounds at hand which can be used upon request.

5 shoot

We gather at the studio or on location. This can be a scouted location but our studio is well equipped for video shoots and sound recordings. We provide a comfortable client area from where you can follow the scenes shot while working on your laptop.

6 delivery

After editing the footage, the videographer will send you the video files in the agreed formats. We can add sound and text or subtitles according to your wishes.

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