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We bring out the best in food. From recipe writing to replacing an odd-shaped leaf of rucola, our team of experienced food stylists can help.

How we work

Food styling has aquired a rockstar status with the rise of social media. Yes we have a few tricks up our sleeve to make food look good. But most of all, our attention to detail is extraordinary.

1 Briefing

We gather as much information as we can. The better we know what a project is about, the better we arrive at a job well-prepared.

3 Recipe writing

In case of styling a photoshoot for editorial purposes, a food stylist will write the recipe and get approval with the client before the shoot.

2 Prep

Depending on the medium, the prep phase will vary. Styling for a commercial video, writing a recipe or cooking for an editorial shoot; we discuss every project with our client and decide on what is necessary.

4 Shoot

We gather at the studio or on location. The food stylist will bring the ingredients, the props and backgrounds (if necessary), styling kit and a good deal of patience. The stylist will cook the food, plate it or dress it for the camera. Everything is done with a high level of attention to detail. Sometimes an assistant is required, for instance in case a lot of resets are required when filming a bite shot.

Let’s work together
A Flaying Croquette With Mayonaise

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