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Happytariër Cookbook

De Happytarïer is a versatile cookbook with vegetarian and vegan recipes. It focusses on cooking for family and friends with increasing allergies and intolerances. Recipes are indicated with icons for containing eggs, lactose or gluten. This way, you can cook a whole dinner for a party where everyone is happy.

When Jorun Verheyden asked us to photograph her next cookbook there was no doubt about it. We would love to shoot this cookbook! Jorun is the leading lady of Vegabites Creations, a company that makes quality vegetarian and vegan products for retail. She is also the author of several vegetarian and flexitarian cookbooks.

RoleFood photographer
Food Stylist
AuthorJorun Verheyden
PublicistSterck & De Vreese

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+32 479 29 97 56

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