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Banner With Bottles Of Ice Tea By May Tea With A Teapot That Pours Tea In A Bottle

May Tea

May Tea is fresh iced tea without sugar. They contain fruits and flavours. Here's where we come in: liquid styling…Read More →

Lunch Garden

For Lunch Garden we do food styling for the monthly special menu deals, campaign images and TV commercials. The challenge…Read More →

Libelle Christmas

Christmas is, besides turkey, the time for gingerbread cookies. And so we made a triple batch of gingerbread cookies for…Read More →

Stop-motion Frame With Sandwich And Drinks On A Pic-nic Blanket In A Park In Brussels


Panos sandwiches are the perfect lunch on-the-go. In a busy city like Brussels you grab your sandwich and have a…Read More →

Container Of Délio Tuna Salad On A Rustic Wooden Table With Slice Of Bread And Tuna Salad Spread On It


When you put salad on your sandwich it looks tasty because you are hungry. When you put salad on a…Read More →

Two Yoghurts One With Cherries And A Hand Putting The Yoghurt Down


Food styling assisting for a Campina Yoghurt op Fruit TV commercial was my first experience with food styling on commercial sets…Read More →

Four Cocktails With Styling And A Bottle Of Cointreau In The Middle


I did cocktail styling for Cointreau; mixing the classic Cointreau cocktails and styling them on set. Getting the color and transparency right,…Read More →

Package Of Aoste Ham On A Picnic Blanket In The Park


You might know Aoste from its meat products. But everyone changes and so does Aoste. Food styling in the parc…Read More →

Product Shot Of A Devos&Lemmens Mayonaise Jar With Blurred People In The Background Of The Kitchen

Devos Lemmens

Every commercial from Devos & Lemmens starts with “Seg Devos” “Ja Lemmens?”. It is so recognizable and yet doesn’t get…Read More →


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