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Liga Liquid Chocolate Protein Bar


For Liga we created chocolate liquid for these slow motion takes of the protein bars. I styled the toasts and…Read More →

Jupiler Beer Styling


For this Jupiler commercial I was the beer styling assistant to Mark Allett. At the same time, as a food…Read More →

Jules Destrooper

Food styling and hand modelling for these TV-commercials for Jules Destrooper means having a good eye to pick out the…Read More →

Petit Melo

Slow motion food commercials are what a brand needs! Food and chocolate styling for this high speed video commercial for…Read More →

Philadelphia cheesecake

No-bake cheesecakes for Philadelphia cream cheese. We made the cakes and coulis to run just smoothly enough for the camera

Kazen Van Bij Ons

When thinking of cheese, you think of Holland, tulips and clogs, right? Wrong! Belgium has so many refined cheeses. And…Read More →

Libelle Easter

Spring is in the air when Easter brunch is served! We made quiche, granola and little Easter bunny buns. Too…Read More →

Royco Snack

We can make even instant pasta in a plastic containter look great! Styling instant pasta while the actors are robbing…Read More →


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